Commercial Insurance

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Commercial Property

Losses and damages to real or personal property are covered by property insurance. For instance, damage to your office from a fire would be covered by a property insurance policy.

General Liability

Injury to third parties that you cause is covered by liability insurance. Your liability insurance coverage would pay for the cost of defending you in court if someone sued you for bodily harm or property damage.

Commercial Auto

Your company’s automobiles, vans, trucks, and trailers are covered by commercial auto insurance. In the event that your vehicles are destroyed, stolen, or cause harm to people or property, you will be reimbursed by the policy.


Commercial truck insurance can include a combination of liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage, just like personal auto insurance. For commercial truck insurance, however, greater coverage limits are required to account for heavier and more valuable vehicles as well as the cargo they transport.

Workers Compensation

Your coverage for an employee’s workplace injuries is provided through workers’ compensation insurance. Different state regulations require businesses with employees to maintain some form of workers’ compensation insurance.

Commercial Umbrella

A commercial umbrella policy broadens your liability protection by adding additional payouts that aid in defraying significant claims.

Errors & Omissions

A type of specialized liability protection against damages not covered by conventional liability insurance is E&O insurance. It shields you and your company from liability if a client files a lawsuit over careless actions, mistakes, or omissions made while conducting business that causes a monetary loss.


Bond insurance, commonly referred to as “financial guaranty insurance,” is a type of insurance in which an insurance company guarantees regular payments of interest and principal on bonds or other securities in the event that the issuer of the bond or security fails to make the payments as planned.

Cyber Liability

Businesses can purchase a variety of coverage choices under a cyber liability insurance policy to help guard against data breaches and other cyber security problems.


Event insurance assists organizers in guarding against unforeseen circumstances that could expose them to high costs, significant legal action, and loss of business.

Business Income

When a covered risk prevents you from conducting business, business income insurance, also referred to as business interruption insurance, assists in covering the loss of revenue.


Key person insurance, also known as keyman insurance, refers to a life insurance policy that a corporation purchases on the life of a key employee. The president and C-suite executives are often covered, although this may vary by industry.

Inland Marine

When your company property is in transit or is kept at a location other than your primary office, inland marine insurance safeguards it.


If your rental property is damaged, rendered uninhabitable following a catastrophic incident like a fire or storm, or if someone is hurt on the property, landlord insurance offers financial protection.